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All I do is write...

My brother was home for the weekend from college because he needed to de-stress. When you're studying engineering, that's occasionally necessary. It was really, really nice to have him home for a bit. I miss him already.

Hurricane Sandy is now closing in on my part of the country. Although I won't be taking the brunt of her force, I know plenty of people who will be and I'm worried about all of them. Stay safe, guys! Don't do anything rash!

I got all of my required art done before the storm comes through because there's a chance I could lose power here. I'm now sitting here doing all sorts of different writing exercises because at the very least writing keeps me busy when there's no power to be had. I have a tendency to do Londinium-related things when there's no power because it gets me in the proper mood to write about pre-electrical time periods. Then again, I've got about ten different writing projects going on right now, so who knows what I'll end up turning out at this rate...

I've been extremely sleepy for the past month and a half, too, and according to my doctor my thyroid levels are low, which may be due to stress. I've had an insane month and a half and it's worn me down, and this gives me an explanation for my fatigue over this period. I kept falling back asleep in the mornings for reasons I couldn't quite explain since I generally don't need much sleep, so to know what's going on is a relief. I'm glad it's not something like lupus (especially since every time I had that thought I heard Hugh Laurie berating me in my head), but this is still something I can't take lightly. I'll probably be on some medication for it. I'm just waiting for my doctor to get back to me - which probably won't be until after the hurricane, go figure. So there's that.

I should probably go back to writing and drawing things now since I still have power here and can see...



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