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I think I have my health back...ish.

Last night, my phone stopped scrolling down. This morning, I fixed it. At least my brain's working this morning.

The mucus seems like it's almost gone, so I think this illness was a little freak thing that just happened to make me feel rotten for Sunday-Monday-Tuesday morning. I'm sad that it made me miss half of my brother's graduation party on Sunday and the concert on Monday (although it seems like cherrycoloured and I wouldn't have been able to afford to go, anyway, because tickets were upwards of $60 each, which was out of our price range for this one, but I still wish we'd been able to hang out, at least - so we should do that at some point this week, yo).

I start training for my historical interpreter job tomorrow, so I'm excited, but I had better not have mucus in my throat when I go back there. At any rate, knowing that I get to go to work is really nice - I feel like less of a leech on my parents.

Oh, and before I forget, since I'm posting this everywhere else: SPICE GIRLS MUSICAL. OH YES. If you're not excited for this, you don't have a soul or weren't a kid in the 90s.

And now, I will watch Wimbledon and root for Angus Podgorny. (Sorry, Andy Murray. You must find this sketch insulting. Eh, it happened before you were born and changed things for Scotland.)

Perfect show is perfect, okay? Okay.

I've managed to get rid of the fever, but my throat is still completely coated with mucus, and despite feeling rather ill I was dragged with the rest of my family to see this (we'd had the tickets for quite some time, so I didn't have much of a choice regarding going out). I sat in between my dad and my brother so as not to get anyone else ill, and it was only 70 minutes long, so I survived. Barely. I feel rather worn down now.

But oh my God, it was phenomenal.

If you can see it, DO IT. I mean, we all know how I feel about British double acts, but this was just...yes. So much yes.

Going to go and write Londinium now because I KIND OF HAVE TO. ...in the morning, when I'm maybe less sick. Except I doubt I'll be less sick. It's this nagging mucus in my throat that just won't leave and it's driving me crazy.

(Icon is so beyond relevant. In so many ways.)

My body hates me...

I was supposed to go to a concert with cherrycoloured tonight, but I've come down with a fever and I'm feeling incredibly guilty about it because you're not supposed to get sick when you're going to go and do something with your friend. I woke up yesterday with mucus in my throat and it got progressively worse over the day and now I'm quite miserable and feeling like a bad friend for being sick to boot. It's terrible because I have to just lay here and I can't shake the feeling of being bad because there's nothing to distract me from it. My dad's sick, too, and he's even worse off than me, so we must've gotten whatever we have at the same place since everyone else in my family is fine. (It's an outdoor concert, though, and we're getting thunderstorms all day here, so it might not even happen anyway.)

My brother graduated from high school this past Thursday. It makes me feel really old to even think about it. I almost cried watching him and all of his friends graduate because they're all over at the house all the time so they're all like little brothers to me. I saw about ten adopted younger brothers of mine graduate high school. I'm so proud of them all and can't wait to see what they do next. I just don't know where the time went, and it's a little scary that it went this quickly.

I've been doing The Historians for seventeen weeks now, which is roughly a third of a year, so I'm actually happy about one thing about myself today - I've been committed. I'm also learning a lot from doing this and you're all giving me great feedback on it, which is helping me improve. Thanks for all of your help, everyone - it means a lot to me!

Oh? I survived?

AnimeNEXT was...interesting, to say the least. It was actually really busy and we wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for Chase. That car is a saint of a machine, I'm telling you.

That being said, I got to meet some of my Tumblr buddies in real life and that was awesome (and Berryz Koubou put on a wonderful show and were very sweet when we met them the next day). Overall, I had a good con, I'd say, even though it took me roughly a week to recover fully from it. Luckily, the Monday afterwards I had nothing to do (it was a baseball off-day, even), so I was able to convalesce by literally watching Top Gear for eleven hours. My life, ladies and gentlemen.

Actually, I watched the caravan holiday episode last night (I own Series 6-8 on iTunes now) for no reason other than TG the dog. She is the cutest thing, seriously. Also, the boys managed to light their caravan on fire by cooking potatoes. I don't even know how they pulled that one off.

I've been practicing a lot of new art stuff lately, though, and I think it shows: this week's page of The Historians looks like an actual comic, not just a series of images drawn next to one another. There's also some perspective and some wordless storytelling - I'm pretty proud of this. It still needs some work, definitely, but I've actually improved because I put the effort in to do so.

I also practiced with people last night. Specifically, I was working on drawing different types of eyes, but after I'd drawn the ones I use for Algy and Will...well, I drew Algy and Will.

This was actually good practice for me since Algy has a very narrow head and hooded eyes whilst Will's features are more rounded. I was able to work on differentiating them somewhat from each other face-and-body-wise. Also, Londinium. Yeah. It's a book that I should be writing or something. Actually, I've been working on writing it more frequently - I'm just struggling with the earlier bits because I have to write Basil and Dustin at the earliest stages of their friendship and it's weird to write them at a place where they haven't really been in my head since 2005. Argh.

And on that bombshell, it's time to end. Off to do the things archivists do - I'll catch you all later!

AnimeNEXT time!

I leave tomorrow for AnimeNEXT, which is nice because I haven't really had anything remotely resembling leisure time in about three months. It should be absolutely miraculous and wonderful. I need it badly.

Chase is back, too, which means all the world to me and makes me feel safer than ever, too - there's a certain amount of security that comes to you when you're driving your own car and not some other vehicle. You can bond with machines, you know.

Anyhow, I'll be driving Chase and taking cherrycoloured and beejkitty to Somerset for the convention tomorrow afternoon so they can join mydarkloard in setting up their Artist's Alley table. Just being away for a few days should hopefully rejuvenate me since I've been so fatigued lately - I've barely had a chance to take a moment for myself in what feels like forever, so I'm constantly exhausted. I'm tired of being tired.

Oh! The sheepdogs were shaved for the summer. Louise is handling it okay, but Barnaby's been taking it really hard. I think he feels emasculated since he doesn't have his mane anymore. Animal psychology works that way. Of course, the groomer injured him by cutting his left ear, so he's also traumatized and it's taking him some time to recover. He's getting better every day, but he's not exactly happy about the whole arrangement right now. It's also been somewhat cooler this week, so the poor dogs are freezing, too.

Aaaand...that's about it. Yep. Yay! Back to MLB Draft Land!
Part 1 of this crappy analysis is here.

Now that we've got a full field of finalists, we have to wait until Saturday, when everybody goes head-to-head one more time for European pop domination.

Cut for music videos of crappy Europop...Collapse )

Alrighty, just one more round on Saturday - the finals - and then we have to wait another year for crappy music. Or we could just listen to the radio and hear a lot of it. That, too.
This is one of those things that's aimed at nobody in particular, just at my life. I've become super-frustrated with one aspect of my life lately and I'm working on changing it, so here is a rant about myself.

Cut for therapeutic wank...Collapse )

Again, this is aimed at nobody but myself. I'm just frustrated with myself for doing too much for other people and not enough for myself again. It's a bad habit that I need to stop because I'm not very good at taking care of myself because I'm so focused on taking care of the rest of the world.
I know I'm an American and what I think about these songs really doesn't matter, but whatever. I watch Eurovision even though I can't vote in it.

Let's start off by talking about the ten songs that made it through to the finals, and after that I'll talk about the songs that didn't make it through because they were crappy/strange/etc. The ten that made it through were pretty predictable since they stood out from the rest of the field by being listenable.

Lots of videos under here...Collapse )

And that's it for today! I'll do the next round on Thursday after that's all done - and then I'll wrap up the final on Saturday!

They want me back!

They've asked to do a background check on me and checking my references and stuff.

I'm going to have a job, guys! It's not much, but it's a real job!

What have I done?

This silly ask blog has just received its 149th question.

I'm really not used to things I do being liked, like, ever.

This is so surreal.

Now I'm going to go and write a game recap and work on the webcomic and stuff.


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