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Steph, The World's Nerdiest Sportswriter
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I suppose I ought to change this once in a while, right?

My name is Steph, and I'm a future archivist from northern New Jersey who went to school in Pennsylvania (and will continue school in NYC, hopefully) with a chronic addiction to baseball (I follow a ridiculous number of teams - including fictional ones - in a ridiculous number of leagues, although I suppose the thing you need to know is that I'm a Red Sox fan raised in a Mets family, so I keep up with both of them). The namesake of this journal is a novel I've been working on on-and-off since I was a sophomore in high school set in 1863 London, hence the username 1863_project. The blog was originally created to chronicle my work on the novel, but over time its purpose has shifted to allow me to discuss other things (like, er, baseball, and occasionally military history).

The Infamous Beaver Meat Saga
Part I // Part II // Part III

Steph Draws Baseball Comics!
All Your Base Are Belong To Pawtucket
The Oregon Trail
Rick Rolling the Minor League Way
Peter Chimaera vs. a Band with a Tree - well, sort of.
The first comic since 2008 - To Catch a Predator, Red Sox-style!
Rebecca Black Helps Zach Britton Choose Where To Sit

Baseball Fandoms/Favorite Teams

Major Leagues
Boston Red Sox
New York Mets
Baltimore Orioles

Minor Leagues
Pawtucket Red Sox
Portland Sea Dogs
Salem Red Sox
Lowell Spinners
Buffalo Bisons
Binghamton Mets
St. Lucie Mets
Savannah Sand Gnats
Brooklyn Cyclones
Norfolk Tides
Bowie Baysox
Frederick Keys
Delmarva Shorebirds
Aberdeen Ironbirds

Stanford Cardinal
Oregon State Beavers
Arizona State Sun Devils

Tosei (Tousei) High School (Oofuri)
Slumberwood College: slumberwood
Hillwood High School

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